Christkindlmarket Chicago

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Going to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago was definitely an enjoyable experience. This is the second Christmas market that we have attended here in the States and, although there are some differences compared to those that we experienced in Germany, they have both been very authentic. It was extremely cold during our visit to Chicago with wind chill temperatures well below zero, so having a warm glass of Gluhwein was a definite must. We visited the market on Saturday, two days before Christmas, and to say that it was crowded would be an understatement. It seemed that half of the city had shown up to squeeze their way through the maze of stalls.

IMG_2103 Making Our Way Through the Crowds

IMG_2108 Plenty of Food and Gluhwein

IMG_2113 People Everywhere

There was a wide variety of food available, including traditional German favorites such as Currywurst and Bratwurst, but there were options to fit any desire…

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Blue Photo Edit

Just trying an edit for a WordPress follower.

Couldn’t do too much about the blue cast, but here’s an edit which seems to work.

in XnView MP:

  • Downloaded the low res shot;
  • Reduced lightness, blue colour and saturation
  • With the high res image I would use GIMP and mask the beak to bring up the orange. Also bring up the detail in the white area, and crop for thirds, keeping the sticks at bottom left.



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